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I'm looking for active role play partners in the realm of giantess. I have ideas but I'm also open to hearing ideas and working together with you to create an idea.

when messaging me, I'd prefer you note me, but i'll accept comments.

I'd prefer to rp over skype or yahoo messengers, but i'll do dA

Tell me what sorts of kinks and or kind of play (gentle, etc...)

And tell me what roles you'd be willing to play, (giantess, giant, sm, sw)

If you're open to playing all roles I'll be more likely interested, but if you're one role only, expect either slower responses, or a requirement for more demanding length and content of posts.

I would also like if you could at least try to give 3-5 sentence responses minimum and I'll do the same.

As for my preferences I'll play any role, and try anything, though I generally do dating kind of plays. I'm open to both clean and 18++ rp's so don't be afraid to ask.

I look forward to role playing with all of you ^^
Ice cream comic Wip by sashima
Ice cream comic Wip
This art belongs to :icondagetheleet:

I added the flat coloring. If you go to :icondagetheleet: scraps you can find the line art version.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
(For those of you following, you've already read the beginning. This is the official COMPLETE first chapter. I have placed a divider in the story where the newest addition can be found. I hope you enjoy)

Chapter 1 A New Life, a New Beginning!

Jon sighed as he leaned against the wall. It had been two weeks, and all he's done is clean 2 rooms and the outside hot spring spa. But as he worked he smiled "This place will sell for so much once it's clean." Ever since he got the news that his grandmother passed and gave him the inn, he was objective. She wanted him to move in and run the inn, a business he could handle. Jon however was content with the job he had with no intention to go with his grandmother's wishes. His mom however did push Jon to go in and clean up the place, saying that after he fixed up the place if he still didn't want to run it then he could sell it. With the idea of making money Jon was more than eager to take vacation from work to fix the place up.

As he sat there reflecting on all that happened he lay back against the wall with a sigh, between finishing up the spa, fixing it's filtration, and making his way up to this room he was a bit tired. Just as he became comfortable he gasped when the wall cracked and his body fell back into the wall as it collapsed around him, getting covered in a pile of dirt.


Meanwhile in a world of fantasy, a young fairy named Nuella was out on her daily flight. Spreading her wings she sighed happily, feeling the wind flow through her hair. "Oh, right!" She smiled remembering what Aisha told her about a small unexplored area to her tribe. She was out looking for new herbs, and plants she could use when she came upon this unexplored area. Aisha however had to abide to her tribes wishes and wait for the area to be explored safely before she could explore it herself.

Taking a small detour from her normal flight path, she made her way to the small burrow not far from her. As she landed she saw that this place had a strange look to it, like it wasn't formed naturally, instead it must have been crafted. She took a moment to study the walls, then let out a content sigh when she realized it wasn't formed by a large creature but rather seeming to be constructed in a human method.

With this she felt much easier about walking inside safely as she made her way into the somewhat poorly lit pathway. Using her own magic she made a glow to create light as she made her way through. Before long, she made her way to a small opening that was lit up much better than the path as she found what looked like an alter. Looking around she was surprised at what she saw. "How long has this been here?" Nuella made her way up the steps towards a very strange looking statue of a woman holding a strange crystal.


Jon sat up, coughing from the dust as he said, "Wow this place is crap... I'll have to check all the walls..." he sighed when he turned around, "whoa..." In front of him was a strange and unfamiliar statue, "Wh.. what is this?" he questioned as he examined it. "Maybe grandma was a strange religious person..." As he examined the statue he saw the strange crystal in the woman's hand when it seemed to glow. Surprised he reached forward, looking to grasp the crystal as he thought about how much it would be worth. As his hand clasped around it, he gasped when the light grew brighter, the crystal seeming to disappear from his hand when suddenly something tackled him causing him to land outside the small shrine.

Jon went to sit up, when he noticed, a strange white haired woman was laying on top of him. "H.. hey get off, where did you come from?" he asked pushing her up off of him. The girl reached up, and rubbed her head, "ugh.... what happened?" she seemed confused when she noticed the boy in front of her. "Wait... what... wh.. where am I?!" She began to look around in a panic as she tried to recognize her surroundings. Then she noticed the statue, "Ahh stupid thing take me back!" She started hitting the chest of the statue light in hopes to be taken back to her world.

Jon was confused, this woman seemed focused on the statue as he tried to get her attention, "Hey, what are you doing in my inn?" he asked her but she just turned around.  His eyes widened at the new sight he beheld on the new girl.  She was pale skinned and has bright pink eyes that expressed her nervousness of her new surroundings, and upon her head she had two small antennae shifting about to sense the area, and on her back was a pair of dragonfly like wings folded back though spread open just a bit so he could see them.  It became clear as to what she was and he could hardly believe it.  She was a fairy.

She seemed a bit flustered with him being here as she said, "Wh... where am I?"

Jon was confused by her question as he said, "You're in my inn, and I would like it if you left!" He replied, still shocked from her sudden presence. The girl was upset, this boy had just brought her to this world and it was like she was teasing him.

"What are you talking about! You brought me here, not send me home!" She stepped towards him pushing her index finger angrily into his chest.

Jon was surprised by her strength, but pushed her arm aside, "You came here intruding my inn, I don't know what you're talking about!" The girl seemed to look around as if she was thinking. She looked confused and afraid as she didn't know what to do.  Seeing her in this state almost made Jon feel sorry for her.

After a few moments, she stopped and said, "Wait... what world is this?" She grabbed Jon's arms, seeming insistent on getting the answer.

"i.." Jon started confused, "I... It's earth... are you ok? did you hit your head?" Jon was starting to worry as the last thing he needed was  a law suit, especially when he didn't even want to live here and considering that maybe her wings and antennae were a part of a costume of some kind. The girl just sighed as if making a realization and looked over at Jon making a decision.

"I.. Would you mind if... if I stayed here? I could do chores and I won't be much of a burden!" She knew she couldn't go to far from the statue, but at this point she was just hoping to have somewhere to stay. Jon had to think about it, her offer was nice though, with her help he could get this place cleaned up in no time.

"Well..." Jon started still thinking about it, could he really stay under the roof with a woman... giving out a sigh he nodded, "Yeah, you can stay here, there is plenty of space!" He smiled. The girl almost let out a shriek as she hugged him. Her chest pressing against his Jon blushed nervously when she looked up at him.

"Th... Thank you so much!" she said excited as she looked at him. Seeing his blush she stepped back and said, "I'm sorry, I haven't even introduced myself... My name's Nuella! I.. I um... I promise I'll be helpful!" She seemed nervous now as Jon wanted to calm her down.

"D.. Don't worry, I'll let you stay just as long as you help out, um... My name's Jon" He smiled, "I promise I won't kick you out!" He said but as he thought about it, he knew eventually he'd have to if he was gonna sell the place but he would work on that later. After he said that though be blushed surprised at the smile on her face. "w... well it's getting late, why don't I show you to your room!" He smiled and down the hall, "This is one of the better guest rooms, you can stay here!"

Nuella was surprised, this room was bigger than one of the tents at her tribe. "Really? I can sleep here?" she said confused.

"That's right, and if you need me for anything I'm across the hall alright?" She blushed then nodded.

"Thank you Jon, this means a lot" She said, Nuella knew from her mother that sometimes humans would exchange favors when helping out others. Though she was nervous she wasn't going to turn him down in return for letting her stay. She leaned forward lightly squeezing her chest Giving him a good look down her shirt at her cleavage as she said, "S... so Jon is there.. a.. anything else I can do for you?" She asked in a shy manner

Jon was confused, but blushed as he said, "n.. no that's alright I'm pretty tired so I'll just get some sleep!" Nuella almost seemed surprised as he turned around. Starting to question, why he hadn't tried anything, was she unattractive, or annoying... Maybe... he wasn't like that... With that last thought she felt a strange. Jon left the room and she sighed deciding to lay down and get up early to help clean.

Jon walked back to his room, "ugh... this is bad.. what am I gonna do?" He asked himself. Shutting the door he walked over to the futon on the floor, "I do hate giving up the good bed.... oh well" Crawling into the almost flat bedding he let off another sigh as he struggled to fall asleep.

Nuella spent the night struggling to sleep, as her thoughts turned to home and wondered just how she'd get back. Though she soon turned to Jon when he made her blush and wonder just what kind of person he was. Her only hint to how she came to earth was the statue and him, and that made her wonder if he brought him over purposely or if he truly didn't know. Rolling over and closing her eyes she sighed trying her best to put it off for now.

When morning came Nuella awoke to the sun her natural alarm clock. Stretching as she sat up, she'd panicked for a moment before remembering what happened. "I suppose I'd better go find Jon to help him with chores!" She said with a bit of a sigh, but she wasn't really upset with the chores, she just wished it were easy to go home. After getting dressed Nuella found her way to Jon's room, "oh... he's still asleep!" she blushed seeing him lay there on the blanket. "Why'd he let me have the better bed?" She pondered but as she spoke Jon turned in his bed.

Jon opened his eyes, and found Nuella standing over him, from this angle he could see up her tribal skirt. He quickly realized she wasn't wearing any underwear as he scoot back, "Ah, I... I'm sorry!" He blushed hard. She only seemed confused by his action though.

"Sorry for what?" Nuella asked. Jon gulped then shook his head as he didn't want to start up any issues between them and smiled nervously.

"Um... w.. what are you doing in here?" He said nervously as he sat up showing that he was shirtless, making sure to cover his lower half as he was wearing only his underwear.

"Oh um.." Nuella realized he was covering it, blushing a bit as she said, "Umm, is.. there anything you want me to do for you?"

Jon was nervous as he went a bit blush himself, but turned away for a moment saying, "I um... well I have to finish cleaning the whole inn, would you mind helping me?" Nuella gasped, it wasn't often she had to do labor, but, he did offer to let him stay as long as she needed.

Nuella looked back but sighed, "Sure, I would... love to help" she said smiling down at him.

Jon still nervous said, "o.. ok, uh if you... could wait in the kitchen I'll be right down!" Nuella nodded still a bit blush and made his way down stairs. Jon sighed as he didn't really want to ask her to help but he was nervous because of what he got to see. Though thinking about it, he did enjoy the view, at least while it lasted. As he changed his clothes, Jon thought he heard a noise at the window.

Jon leaned out the window part way and looked about but didn't see anyone. Sighing he figured he's just stressed before he finished dressing. As he got to the kitchen he grabbed some food out of the fridge asking, "Is there anything you want for breakfast?"

Nuella gasped, "y.. you're cooking?" she thought he would be making her do more given how quickly he asked her to clean.

"Yeah, do you have any preference on food?" He smiled.
Nuella was worried that this was a trap as she said, "umm what do you have?" Jon looked through the fridge then back at the counter.

"Well I didn't have much to bring, but I have some fruit, bread, meats, and eggs. As for drinks I have some pop, milk, and water" he said turning back to her.

"I.. well water, and fruit sounds nice" she said smiling now, which was hard as she felt rather trapped here since she can't go home to her friends and family. Jon nodded as he got her a plate, cutting up some fruits while his pan heated up. As he set it at the table Nuella took the pieces curiously sniffing them. She was worried they might be poisoned or something, but she knew he was a nice guy, and he didn't seem like that kind of person.

Jon was making eggs, and ham on the same pan as Nuella started eating, enjoying it. Just then she felt something poke her legs. Confused she looked down and saw a brown furred neko putting a finger over her lips. "Krynn?!" she cried out in surprise, "How did you get here?!"

Jon turned back confused, "Krynn?" The sizzling made him remember to plate the food as he turned back to see Krynn standing up with a sigh.

"Nuella, don't you know that" she put a finger to her lips, "Means be quiet?" <She groaned as she got up to her feet from her hiding place, her long feline tail sliding up her body as she stretched and her cat ears twisting around to get a better hearing reception around the room.>

"I'm sorry, but.. how did you get here? I mean I didn't tell anyone where I was going!" Nuella hugged Krynn as she was happy to see her friend but Krynn sweat dropped pulling away.  She was much taller than Nuella was, she wore her brown hair down which was short and unkempt. she adorned herself with a leather top that covered her breasts and a woven skirt similar to that what Nuella wore, showing off her lithe body to the world without a care in the world, exposing her slim belly and her skirt now covering too much of her legs that seemed frail to hide their hidden strength down to her bare feet with nails a bit long and sharp, same with her fingers as well with their nails, sharing more traits of a cat.

"I wouldn't be the best tracker in our village if I couldn't... So who's the boy?" she said almost seductively, Eying him up and down.

"Oh, that's um.. Jon, he's letting me stay here and... oh Jon! Can Krynn stay too!" Jon gasped as Krynn seemed confused.

"Stay? why don't we just go home?" she asked as Jon sighed. He grabbed some meat from the fridge putting it on the pan.

"I'll guess you want some ham?" he asked her as she sat next to Nuella, "Lots!" she giggled before Nuella tried to explain to the unaware neko girl.

"Somehow we got transported to... Earth, a strange but human infested world! And, well we don't know how to get back, the statue doesn't seem to work both ways." Krynn thought about this and pouted. Though thinking she wasn't really sure how she got here to begin with.

"Well, I guess but he's really just letting us stay here for free?" she asked Nuella who turned away.

"Well he did ask me if I could help him clean up the inn" Krynn seemed to be upset about this, but didn't voice any opinion about it. Not when there was food coming. Jon made some ham slices for Krynn handing her a plate before sitting down to eat his own. They sat rather quietly as Jon seemed to be upset about something. "What's wrong Jon?"

He blinked, "oh, it's... well I only really brought food for myself... with you two here, I'll need some more for the next week" he said still thinking. "I guess I'll need to go shopping" he checked his wallet to make sure he had all he needed, "Do you girls need anything?" he asked.

Nuella gasped, "I.. well..." she looked at Krynn both seeming nervous as she didn't wanna ask.

Jon gasped, "d.. do you mean clothes?" he said before Nuella nodded. "Well.. we can do that tomorrow but today I need to make sure the Inn gets cleaned" he smiled, "Alright?" she gasped though nervous.

"Well.. does that mean you want me to get started before you get back?" she rubbed her arm, Krynn having a more annoyed look on her face.

Jon rubbed the back of his head, "you don't have to, but if you want I could help you get started before I go" She blushed a bit and nodded as Jon got a bucket for water, with a rag, "When I get back I'll get to work on some repairs that need to get done, I need to replace a lot of wood around the place" Jon showed Nuella what room she could start work in, which was a smaller one person bedroom as he felt bad about having her help.

With Jon having just left the inn to purchase food from the store, Nuella was quickly working to clean room after room. Because of her fairy magic she could move much quicker than a human and had much more stamina. Krynn following her around laying on a bed as she lazily watched him. "You know, you could just shrink him, and make him a pet or something... You don't have to clean this place for him! He's just a Human after all."

"Krynn, I can't believe you'd say something like that... Especially with how opposed to the slave trade you are."

"Aww come on, I bet he'd love it, the males back home do, the perverted little things."

"I'm sorry Krynn, but Jon seems very nice, I mean... He did offer to let us stay for free right? And he's out now buying us food! Now don't be rude!" Krynn looked at Nuella with a bit of anger still in her eyes before she looked away with a huff and lay on the bed facing the ceiling.  

Thinking about the situation she remembered that Nuella had been here for a good night before Krynn found her. "So has he tried to sleep with you yet?" Krynn hummed lightly as she watched Nuella clean. Nuella gasped dropping her rag. As she fumbled to catch it she knocked over a bucket, water spilling out onto the floor. "Oh my, he did, didn't he!"

Nuella turned and pouted, "Of course he didn't!" She replied defensively towards Krynn. Krynn just grinned and laughed, "Ok, ok, no need to get upset now!" Krynn laughed at her friend as she sat up causing Nuella to become flush with embarrassment.

Back in Felarya Euri was off in search of her daughter and friend. Following the trace of her daughters magical energy she came upon a shrine. Landing she huffed, "You two better be safe!" she said as if to scold them from afar. Going inside the strange alter she spotted a small statue that seemed to be representative of a human. Euri stepped towards the strange statue, though she didn't know where her daughter was, her magical presence enveloped the strange stone creation. Placing a hand on the head of the sculpture she gasped as a light enveloped her body, and before long she was somewhere new. "Hmm, now this is strange..." Stepping back she observed her surroundings. It appeared that she was now in a room made of a strange wood she couldn't recognize.

All around her though she could sense her daughters presence, magic filled the room as if she'd spent much time in there. Making her way to the door she slid it open only to find a hall of doors. "Oh Nuella, where are you..." Looking around she gained no hints as every door, and even the hall was flooded with magical energy.

Hearing a noise coming from beneath her, she noticed the stairs walking down to investigate. Her steps were light, and virtually soundless as she let her wings flutter a moment before they disappeared from view with her antennae.

As she reached the bottom of the stairs, a new set of doors, each one with Nuella's presence, "Has she been made a slave?" A moment of anger over came her as she walked forward looking into an open door in the hall where she spotted, the young looking blonde boy Jon putting food away in strange cabinets. She was surprised though, this strange man before her, he was cute, and had a strange innocence about him. She blushed a moment before calming herself as she said, "My isn't he cute!"

Jon smiled hearing the voice, "Nuella is th.." But his sentence was cut short as he turned around and spotted this strange woman. Was it Nuella? It looked a lot like her... but much older. "N.. Nuella?" he asked, "What happened to you?"

Euri turned her head slightly, confused by his question, but just then smiled, "Hmm? What do you mean? I feel perfectly fine!" Euri stepped closer to the strange boy squeezing her arm together in a subtle manor to make her chest seem larger. As she approached him, Jon took a step back, grabbing onto the sink as he had nowhere to go. "Y... You look different..."

Euri grinned then pretended to feign lightly as she fell towards Jon, as he reached up catching her by the shoulder, "Nuella!" He gasped.

"Now that you mention it, I do feel a bit off... could you hold me?" She smiled as he held her, pushing her chest into his, one hand almost pulling on his shirt collar, her lips closer to his as her breath washed across his face.

In the room next to them Nuella had been cleaning when she heard Jon call her name. Wiping a light sweat from her forehead she dropped her rag into the dirty bucket she had been using all day.

Nuella stepped into the doorway as she said, "Yes Jon, what..." But she paused as she couldn't believe what she saw. In front of her own eyes, her mother was all over this boy who was so kind to let her and her best friend Krynn stay with him free of charge. "m... Mother?!" She gasped.

Jon gasped, "N... Nuella?!" He couldn't believe his eyes, two Nuella's in front of him. "Wh... Who are you?!" He cried pushing her off himself  Now getting a better look at her she had darker skin than Nuella and had long green hair and emerald colored eyes, not to mention that she had a more desirable curved body than Nuella did. Euri only let off a giggle, "Oh you're no fun dear!" She said to her daughter with a light giggle, "What did mommy tell you about interrupting her on a date!" Both Jon and Nuella blushed hard as she said that. "D.. Date?!" Jon protest but she turned back, now her mood having darkened "And you, how dare you make my daughter your slave!"


Jon tried to reply, "It's not like that! I..." but Euri slapped him, cutting him short.

"I won't have this! You should learn your place" she seemed adamant as her large butterfly like wings started to grow back out of her body. Nuella noticed this and grabbed her mother pulling her back.

"It's not like that really!" Nuella protested, "I offered to do chores! H.. He didn't even ask!" she said nervously hoping her mother would let the poor guy go. After all he'd been so nice to let them stay there, and her mother would do stuff to him that he didn't deserve.

Euri paused then looked back at Jon as she said, "Is this true?" Jon too stunned from the slap to talk merely nodded to her question. She pondered for a moment, as her wings absorbed back into her body and said, "I suppose if she offered, then it's not your fault." she sighed, "It's so good to see you!" she hugged Nuella kissing her cheek. "I was so worried about you!"

Nuella blushed as Jon watched and said, "M.. Mom not in front of people!" she blushed harder saying it as her mother giggled.

"Aww, what's the matter sweetie, don't want people knowing mommy loves you?" Euri teased her daughter as Krynn walked in, "Oh Euri! Now that you're here, we can get Jon cleaning up this place instead of Nuella." But Euri shook her head.

"If Nuella really wants to clean then she can, I won't stop her from making her own choices." she then turned, "but I won't tolerate you taking advantage of her got it?" she waved a finger at Jon as he pouted.

"I didn't take advantage of her.... Besides, I offered the three of you to stay here, and unless any of you plan on getting a job, it'll be rent free... not to mention food, clothes, and general upkeep like electricity." The three girls looked at Jon confused, as where they came from such things may have existed but they never had to pay for them but simply made themselves anything they need <Due to that they lived in a rather primitive life style before they arrived.> Jon sighed and thought as Euri got an idea.

"Well, you seem busy, I need to talk to my girls here, come with me!" she said almost commanding them. They follow her to another room and Jon sighed taking care of his groceries before getting ready to start cleaning another room. Euri however had fun as she brought the girls to one of the already clean rooms.

"So Nuella... Have you seduced him yet?" Neulla blushed hard as Krynn giggled.

"Nope, she's too afraid!" she <replied> hugging Nuella as she teased her, Nuella flush red with embarrassment.

Euri only giggled as she said, "Then that means he's open! If you're interested, it's all fair who ever wants him for themselves" Though Euri had a mate already, she didn't know when she'd get home, and she had needs. Plus while he had her daughter doing hard work, he was cute. Besides there's no reason she can't enjoy herself.

Krynn had a sly grin on her face as she pondered it. She was surprised that Nuella didn't take after her mother as much as one would think, but Krynn was all for the hunt. Getting Jon to sleep with her would be an easy game she figured, and she could even win the competition.

Nuella just blushed, as she didn't always see eye to eye with her mother. She didn't like to think of sex so much... Nuella knew that one day she'd meet the boy she liked and she'd serve him well, but the boy she likes would take care of her too. Jon was nice, but... She didn't know what to think about him as a partner.

The girls all left to find Jon as they found him on the floor scrubbing one of the rooms Nuella hadn't gotten to yet. He seemed unaware of their presence as he continued when Euri giggled, "Oh my, you are a handy boy aren't you?" she teased him walking up. Nuella only pouted a bit as she knew that she was trying to butter him up, and sure enough Jon blushed a bit.

"I'm just cleaning.... but you girls need some clothes... would you all be ok with a shopping trip? I'm not looking to spend a ton but... I don't want you to be stuck with just one outfit either" Krynn seemed a bit surprised.

Euri only teased, "I knew you were just looking for a reason to see us naked" she pulled down lightly on her dress, not showing anything but making her cleavage appear a bit bigger when Krynn pounced on top of Jon.

"If that's what you wanted, all you had to do was ask!" She pressed her chest on Jon's< back> as he lay back <Against her>, completely flush now as Nuella protest.

"P.. Please stop!" she said then blushed, "I mean... he just wants to help us out... and I'm grateful for all he's done!" Euri giggled to herself, as she and Krynn were probably both thinking the same thing that they 'were' repaying the kindness he gave but she and Krynn both stood up and backed up.

"Well what are we waiting for then! Let's get going." Euri smiled as the three girls all head for the front door. Jon followed as he checked how much money he had on hand, seeing that he only had a hundred. He'd have to stop at the bank the next day and pull out some cash to buy food with. Jon was rather grateful his grandmother had donated the Inn to him. Meeting the girls at the entrance to the Inn  he led them to a nearby store.

Once inside, they were quickly greeted by a service lady as she offered to help them pick out some things to wear. Jon nervous said, "Keep it under 100... I'm not exactly rich" He said as Krynn and Nuella were looking together. Euri didn't seem to browse as much as glance at most of the clothes. Jon sighed, following them around until Euri called him over to a changing room.

She pulled him inside as she was wearing only a <pair of red> bra and panties as she said, "So what do you think of this?" she held up a dress to the side, elegant with frilly designs around the edges and a rather complicated design along the front. To the other side she held up a much more bold but simple plain dress.

Jon could only gulp, flush with embarrassment as he said, "Th-that one" Pointing to the much simpler design also thinking it would be cheaper.

"I like your taste" she said before pushing him out with the other dress. Jon put it back before seeking out Krynn and Nuella as he said, "Are you girls doing just fine?"

Krynn smiled, "Nya, all these clothes cover the good parts" she whined, "And the ones that don't are too small" she pouted, holding up a rather skimpy shirt. Jon blushed as Nuella grabbed it out of her hand.

"It's a different world Krynn, you could try to blend in!" she said holding up a thicker short sleeve shirt and jeans. She'd gotten 3 pairs of outfits and Jon seemed happier with her choices. He sighed though realizing that the clothes would be more than the money he'd have on him so he'd have to charge his card and hope that he gets his inheritance in time.

Euri walked back out in the dress smiling, "You have good taste in dresses" she giggled sensually as she rubbed her chest on his back. Jon gulped as Krynn chose similar clothes to Nuella, still upset she couldn't display her parts. Jon helped them pick out some socks and underwear, Euri and Krynn insisting they get specialty underwear. Over all their clothes came to just over 500 dollars as Jon seemed rather upset.

Jon was rather flush, as they walked home Euri held him closer to her arm. This made Nuella blush as well, rather embarrassed her mother acted in such a way. Krynn hopped on his back freeing him from Euri but he nearly fell over as he held her up. Jon was 6 foot tall, so when he met these girls, Euri being 6'8" and Krynn being 6'4" He was thrown off by how tall they were. Nuella however was only 5'10" as she preferred to feel normal around others unlike her mother who preferred to stand above the rest.

Once home Jon sighed, exhausted and the day was only half gone. He had a lot to think about though, the new girls presence as well as the inn. He didn't know what to think as they went to the kitchen, "I'll make us dinner" he said smiling at them trying to hide his problems as Nuella jumped in to help.

"I can help, you don't need to do all that by yourself" She joined in the cooking as Euri tugged Krynn to the other room. Jon didn't notice, he rather enjoyed Nuella's company, she was kind, and wasn't trying to push her body on him. Not that he didn't enjoy it, but it was not how he was raised to think of girls in such a way, even if those girls were magical beings from another world.

Euri smiled, "Krynn dear, I think Nuella might win the game without playing" she giggled, "He is a different kind of person isn't he" She giggled.

Krynn only teased, "It's like he's never done it before," she laughed as both of them looked at each other, "You don't think..."

"That seems to be the problem" she thought before saying, "Keep an eye on him, I don't want him hurting Nuella, and I don't think you do either!" She smiled, "Besides, you have special skills that should help you do so" she added making Krynn excited.

Krynn only seemed happy as she said, "You mean... That thing you forbid me to do?" her tail wagged back and forth as she was more than happy to do it. Euri only winked at her before they returned to the kitchen sitting at the table as Jon and Nuella served their food.

"I hope you enjoy, I'm not the greatest cook, I hope it's not too bad" Krynn started digging in as Euri ate slowly.

"Thank you dear for your service, though I trust it's well if Nuella put a hand in it" She smiled as she ate her food. Jon sighed a bit, almost getting annoyed with Euri treating him more like a servant than a savior but he really didn't want to be treated like that either. As they ate their meal the phone rang and Jon got up.

"I'll be right back, I need to take that" Jon knew who that was, and knew that he'd have to make up his mind sooner than he'd hoped. Euri however saw the grim look on his face and nudged Krynn having her follow him. Jon looked over not seeing any of the girls as he answered. "Hello, Rachel?" He said into the phone, "I need to talk to you.... Yeah, about selling the inn" Krynn hearing this ran back to the others in distress without remaining behind to hear more.

"He's selling the inn! I heard him say it to... Rachel on the phone!" The girls seemed shocked as Krynn went on, "He's kicking us out on the street, and we'll never get home!" she cried faking  a cry as Euri stood up.

"Did he actually say that?! It doesn't seem like him, why would he buy us clothes?" Nuella protest, she didn't believe that Jon would actually do that when he was so nice to her, and the others despite their behavior.

Euri however shook her head, "I'm sorry Euri, I know you like him but Krynn wouldn't lie... I suppose it's time I take charge of the situation, and I don't wanna hear any buts!" Nuella wanted to speak but never could work up the courage to fight against her mother. Jon however was having more trouble than he hoped.

"Yeah, I'm cancelling the sale... I decided I'm gonna go through with the renovations and open the inn back up" he said, "I understand, you'll get your cover fee. Thank you for your patience" He hung up with a sigh. He was hoping on the money he got from the sale to put him through college but life has a funny way of changing things. He walked back when he saw only Nuella was in the kitchen. "Nuella, where are the others?" He asked

Nuella seemed a bit distressed but she knew that Krynn wouldn't lie, and she had to think of her mother, and best friend before thinking of Jon. She took his hand and pulled him to the living room area. Once there Jon saw as Euri was sitting in a chair smiling, "Good dear, would you like to do the honors?" she asked Nuella.

"What honors?" Jon asked confused, Krynn behind him suddenly gave him a hug pinning his arms down. Jon gasped, trying to fight her as he said, "Wait, what's going on?" She held on firm, being much stronger than Jon as Nuella seemed sad still.

"I'm sorry Jon" She said before using her magic. Jon began to shrink, his clothes becoming baggier as he did. It was slow at first, she didn't want to scare Jon so she let him get used to the idea of everything growing around him. Krynn held firm but loosened up as he shrank, not needing so much strength to pin him.

"Sorry? what... Wh.. why is everything" He panicked but started to realize he was shrinking, "B.. but how is that possible?" He cried out as Nuella nodded to her mother seeing that he was at least familiar with the idea that he was shrinking. He began shrinking much faster, but still slow enough that Krynn could hold him. Soon he saw as Krynn's fingers covering his vision. His sight soon turned to darkness as he had become only 4 inches tall.

Krynn carried Jon over to Euri before opening her hands as light blinded him. His vision cleared, and there it was Euri's massive face before him as she giggled, blowing air over him. The force caused him to roll backwards as he almost fell off. He managed to hold onto her pinky to keep from falling as he struggled to get up. Both Krynn and Euri giggled as Jon was still in disbelief this was all happening. "come on, you promised you wouldn't hurt him!" Nuella whined to her mother as she smiled.

"You're right, sorry" She said to her daughter as Euri helped Jon back into Krynn's hand, "But I think it's time Jon understood he should be pleasuring us" She said before pointing down. Before Jon could protest he was lowered down and dropped on the floor at Euri's bare feet. "You're going to rub my feet for me!" Her feet didn't smell bad, but not pleasant either.

Jon stepped back and blinked, "I.. Wh. why?!" He cried, "I didn't do anything wrong, I'm not rubbing your feet!" he whined up at her. But that only made Euri giggle as Krynn got on all fours, bending down to Jon.

"You'll rub, or..." She never said what would happen, but Krynn leaned in and licked Jon. Her saliva stuck to his back, lifting him off the ground. He got a view of her mouth, the black cavern surrounded by pearl white crushers before landing on his back. He got up and Nuella seemed worried but Jon just gulped before he moved forward starting to rub Euri's foot. "That's better, I knew you'd see things my way!" she smiled.

Nuella was biting her finger nervous before she said, "Maybe I should take the first turn" she said but Euri shook her head.

"That wouldn't be fair to Krynn, she goes before you" she giggled, "Besides Nuella, you'll get your turn" Jon was just in disbelief of all this as he tried to protest, but Euri pushed her foot down on him. "One hour for each of us before bed" she smiled, "We'll figure out tomorrow in the morning" she only grinned as she spoke to Jon, "Don't worry, we won't break you... tonight" she teased down to him. Jon could only struggle against her foot as Krynn giggled at the sight, Jon knew he was in for a long night.

Thank you for reading chapter one. Look forward to future updates, I'm open to criticism and look forward to hearing any ideas for future additions, and any requests for things that might appear in the story.
The Fairy Tale Inn: Chapter 1 (completed)
This chapter finally has shrinking in it XD took WAY longer than I thought but I wanted to get stuff right >.>;

I'm open to suggestions, critiques, and welcome them full heartedly ^^

This story is loosely based on role plays I have with :iconmaelstrom14:

All belong to Maelstrom14

Jon is mine XD

edits done by :iconmaelstrom14:

Expect to see more characters, surprises, troubles, excitements and more!
role play list

In general this will be a list of ideas for specific scenarios, I come up with!

If you wish to rp one, just message me in notes and we'll talk!


The Genie of all trades

One day while walking home you come across a strange man selling odd trinkets. One of which is a statue of a rather pretty girl. He's selling it for rather cheap so you decide to buy it on a whim. After bringing it home though, a Magical genie pops out offering to grant your every wish!


This is available for switch if you wish to be the genie

Info needed

Your character-

My Character-


The Microbactus Virus

You live in a world where a virus has run rampant through all man kind. Though almost 99% of humans carry this virus, only about 5% of them are actually affected by it.

The virus is called Microbactus and the effects are rather odd. It causes a person (usually around the age of 18-23) to shrink down to a size between one and twelve inches tall. There is no way to know if you're immune or when you'll shrink.

Due to a court ruling, people who shrink are considered pets, and have become an oddity for trade amongst the richer. However, a law in place specifying that if you are around when someone shrinks, you may claim them at a designated center for cataloging shrunken people.

One day you had plans to hang out with your friend, but as you were driving to the club your friend gets oddly tired, falling asleep as suddenly they began to shrink down. It was unbelievable.

At first you panicked, not sure what to do, but knowing there was no cure for the disease you decide to take them to the center and register them as your own pet.


This is a Switch if you'd rather be the owner rather than the pet

Information Needed

Your character-

My Character-

Height of Tiny:


The Macrobactus Virus

You live in a world where a virus has run rampant through all man kind. Though almost 99% of people carry this virus, only about 1% of them are actually affected by it.

The virus is called Macrobactus and the effects are rather odd. It causes a person (usually around the age of 18-23) Grow to a massive size. The exact size varies, but average heights range from 25 to 100 feet.

Through negotiations before early Macrobacties or Kings and Queens, those affected by the Macrobactus virus are given their own town, and can pick a specific person to serve them willingly. Though the macrobactee is limited in law not to kill or abuse their power, it's rare that they don't get away with it.

Many people have even begun to consider those who grow as Ascended or Chosen by a higher power to rule over the land, and serve willingly. You happen to live in a town that has yet to recieve a gifted macrobactee, free from servitude.

One day while out with a friend, you feel a strange sensation inside you as your body begins to grow, you find yourself at a new height looking down at those around you, some cowering, some bowing and your friend lost in amazement. Your life will be different from now on, and you have a whole town to yourself.


This is a Switch if you'd rather be the owner rather than the pet

Information Needed

Your character-

My Character-

Height of giant:


A Witches Curse

In a world where Witches rule, there is a zero tolerance policy for crime. One day while at the store you are bumped by someone causing you to drop and break some of your groceries. A witch comes up and silences the person as they ask you what happened.

After explaining that they made you drop your stuff, she puts a collar on them, and puts a bracelet on your wrist explaining that you can turn the other person into anything you want to replace anything for the rest of their life.

This is up for Switching if you wanna be the 'slave'

Information Needed

Your Character

My Character


A witchy world (curse continued)

You live in a world where Witches rule. Teachers, and other authority figures have certain laws to follow, but they are allowed to use magic to enact punishments as they see fit.

You and (your sibling, friend, classmate, co worker) are together, when something happens (failed a test, got in a fight, etc...) An authority figure (mother, teacher, Witch cop, Boss) inflicts a curse on you related to the crime you committed, putting your (sibling, friend, classmate) in charge of you for the alotted time of your curse.

This is up for Switching if you wanna be the 'transformed'

Information Needed

Your Character

My Character

Relation between characters:
Who transformed (authority):
What they are changed into:


Swapping Bracelets

This idea is that two people (usually dating, or room mates) come across a strange traveling shop. Inside is a large array of jewelry, but what really catches your eye is a strange pair of bracelets. You buy them and both decide to wear one to show off your relationship with the other.

That midnight the bracelets magic lock in, and you can't take them off. Adding another perk that one of the bracelets power will alter the other person. Usually decided by the DOM bracelets, and the SUB bracelet. Dom controlling Sub.

Every midnight (In rp time) (unless 1 way scenario) the Dom bracelet and Sub bracelet swap places.

EX: On Monday Nuella has the Sub bracelet, and Jon has the Dom bracelet. Jon can use his bracelet to grow and shrink Nuella freely. On Tuesday the bracelets swap. Nuella has the Dom bracelet, and Jon has the Sub bracelet. So then Nuella can shrink and grow Jon freely.

(This works for any form of TF you want, inflation, inanimate, ballooning, and so forth)

Scenario 1 (1 way)
In this scenario, you have bare minimum. After putting on the bracelets at midnight one person is shrunk to a specific size. Where they will permanently remain. This is good for scenarios where a person doesn't like to Dom often, or at all.

Scenario 2
In this scenario after putting on the bracelets, at Midnight one person will shrink to a given size. Then every midnight after that, the other person will shrink to that size as well. The size shrunk to can also be randomized. Such as, one day you shrink to 3 inches, the next to 1 foot.

Alt: The sub can change size every midnight to suit the needs of the scenario and still be a 1 way.

Scenario 3
This is a full control scenario. The idea is that whoever has the Dom bracelet can freely change the size of the person wearing the Sub bracelet. (or if desired, can shrink either person wearing the bracelets) This is intended for those that want more dynamic changing as opposed to extended periods of same interaction types.

Alt: This can also be a 1 way, where the Dom can freely change the Sub's size at will.


Information Needed-
Your Character

My Character-

role plays re opened for play, message me
A list of ideas

In general I'm looking for 4-5 sentences per post, you have time if you're not up to replying now I understand it will be slower replies being on dA

Added more rp's to the scenario
I'm looking for active role play partners in the realm of giantess. I have ideas but I'm also open to hearing ideas and working together with you to create an idea.

when messaging me, I'd prefer you note me, but i'll accept comments.

I'd prefer to rp over skype or yahoo messengers, but i'll do dA

Tell me what sorts of kinks and or kind of play (gentle, etc...)

And tell me what roles you'd be willing to play, (giantess, giant, sm, sw)

If you're open to playing all roles I'll be more likely interested, but if you're one role only, expect either slower responses, or a requirement for more demanding length and content of posts.

I would also like if you could at least try to give 3-5 sentence responses minimum and I'll do the same.

As for my preferences I'll play any role, and try anything, though I generally do dating kind of plays. I'm open to both clean and 18++ rp's so don't be afraid to ask.

I look forward to role playing with all of you ^^

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